Hi I’m Tatiana, but my friends call me Tati, and I’d love for you to call me that too.

I was born in Venezuela (longer ago than I’d like to admit), but spent a lot of my youth in Colombia at my grandmother’s house.  My fondest memories were cooking alongside her for the whole family, and in Colombia means a ton of people, on a large fire outside the house.   To this day, cooking on an open fire, which I still do, brings me back to those days.

I fell in love with an American and eventually moved to Belgium where he was stationed.  Europe opened my eyes to additional culinary techniques and ingredients. 

Not long after we married, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer.  For 17 years he fought this terrible disease, while I continuously looked for ways to help him though whatever means I could.  It was then that I learned how much our nutrition and what we put into our bodies are linked to our health.

About a year after my husband passed, my own health began to spiral out of control.  Turns out, your body can run on adrenaline and make you think everything is ok, like it was when taking care of him the last few years of his illness. Well, after that adrenaline kick goes away, everything that was being held at bay by the adrenaline came forward.  I was gaining weight, suffering from hives, had lost all energy, and was feeling totally lost.  It took over two years to finally find someone that could help me (I had been misdiagnosed with so many things), which entailed multiple strategies for my health.  The main one…surprise…was nutrition.

Cooking, especially for others, is my happy place…my therapy, and good food is my medicine.  That’s what has sprouted and grown into The Grove Kitchen.

When you visit our restaurant or place an order for one of our prepared meals online, know that each ingredient has been hand-picked with extreme care to provided nutrients essential for your health. While I take pride in how my food tastes and am so grateful for all the amazing reviews, I promise will never compromise my passion for healing through food.